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Introducing the Laminaria Maternity Swimsuit

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The Laminaria Maternity Swimsuit is a Maternity Sewing Exclusive meaning it is available for sale only on Maternity Sewing. The Laminaria Swimsuit was originally released in a non-maternity version by Tuesday Stitches. This new maternity version has been drafted on a maternity block. That means you can select the size you would have worn before pregnancy and sew that same …

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Introducing: Maternity Sewing!

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Hello! We couldn’t be more excited today, because Maternity Sewing is now live! We’ve been working for over a year to make this happen, and we’re thrilled to reach this point! Below we’ll tell you more about what you can expect from us. Our Purpose In one sentence, our purpose is to provide an easy to browse catalogue of sewing …

Selecting the Waistline on a Maternity Garment

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One of the options Maternity Sewing offers in its comprehensive pattern shop search feature is “waistline”. The waistline can apply to either bottoms or tops and can either be above the belly, below the belly, or nonexistent. We’ll talk you through why you might want to select a specific waistline and show some examples of what that looks like. Bottoms …

Maternity Sewing Shop Filters

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One of the features we are most proud of on Maternity Sewing is the comprehensive search feature we built into our shop. We’ve annotated all of the patterns we have for sale so you can find exactly the pattern you are looking for. Here we explain all of the search filters you can use. Size Each pattern designer uses her …

Selecting Patterns Based on Pregnancy Trimester

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During each trimester of pregnancy you will have different needs in your clothing. Maternity Sewing has a variety of patterns to help meet your needs during each trimester. We have annotated each pattern in our shop to let you know how each garment is best suited. Please note that all of the following information is based on generalizations – your …

Selecting Cup Size on Sewing Patterns

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Cup size is typically measured as the difference between your high bust and your full bust. A = 1″ difference, B = 2″, C = 3″, D = 4″, E = 5″, F+ = 6″ difference or more. Your cup size selected for sewing is likely to be similar to your bra size though it may not be the same …

Sizing Maternity Patterns

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Maternity Sewing offers patterns by a variety of designers. Each pattern designer uses her own pattern block and size chart. Therefore, the sizing and fit that you get from one designer’s pattern may be different than another designer’s pattern. Each pattern’s size chart is included in the product listing so you can ensure that the pattern includes your size. Many …

Free Bib Pattern - Maternity Sewing

Free Baby Bib Sewing Pattern

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This baby bib is a necessity when your little one starts eating solids. Whether you’re spoonfeeding purees or letting baby dive right in, it’s going to get messy! This clever design is quick to cut and sew. It covers the shoulders and sides of your baby and stays well in place. It can be sewn from a single layer of …