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5 Ways to Make Your Wardrobe Last Through Pregnancy

Lisa Kievits Maternity Style 1 Comment

Newly pregnant and ready to put away your regular wardrobe? Not so fast – you might be surprised at how far your regular wardrobe can take you. No doubt your body will change a fair bit. Not only will you grow a belly, but you’ll probably go up a few sizes overall. It’s impossible to predict how much weight you …

Maternity Style - Fringe Dress - on MaternitySewing.com

Maternity Style: Fringe Dress

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Specs: Pattern: Fringe Blouse and Dress Pattern by Chalk & Notch View A, Size 4 Adjustments: Waistband moved up two inches to accommodate baby bump Fabric: Cotton Flannel Pictured at 34 weeks pregnant I’ve had my eye on the Fringe Dress Pattern by Chalk & Notch for a while now, so I was thrilled when Lisa reached out and asked …

Maternity Style: Two Pegs Dress - on MaternitySewing.com

Maternity Style: Two Pegs Dress

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Specs: Pattern: Two Pegs Dress by Boho Banjo View A, Size S, longer sleeves Adjustments: None Fabric: Rayon challis from Minerva Crafts Pictured at 36 weeks pregnant Now this is a dress that I had not expected to love as much as I do. When I saw the product listing of the Two Pegs Dress pattern, I did not think …

Cloth Menstrual Pads - DIYpads - on Maternity Sewing

Introduction to Cloth Menstrual Pads

Lisa Kievits Helpful Information 4 Comments

I wonder what you thought when you saw the title of this post – “Oh cool!”, “Ehm, what?” or even “Gross!”? My mission here is to at least pique your interest, because I definitely think sewing your own cloth pads is cool! I’ve been using them for a couple of years now, but I admit that when I first heard …

Waterfall Raglan - made by Pins & Pinot - on Maternity Sewing

Maternity Style: Waterfall Raglan Top & Dress

Elizabeth Vial Maternity Style Leave a Comment

Specs: Pattern: Waterfall Raglan by Chalk & Notch View A with long sleeves – Size 4 Adjustments: None Fabric: Sweater Knit Pictured at 37 weeks pregnant I’m so excited to be guest blogging for MaternitySewing.com today! I am so very near to the end of my pregnancy at this point, but I am thrilled that this resource exists and know …

Pregnant Elisabeth in Frankie Mae Top

Miss Frankie Mae Top

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Pattern: Miss Frankie Mae Top  by 1 Puddle Lane Style B – Long Sleeve + Size 10 US/14 AUS Adjustments: 1” added for height, which I do for 99% of patterns.  Cuffs added to sleeves due to preference. Fabric: Burnout sweater knit from Sincerely Rylee Fabrics Pictured at 37 weeks pregnant Hello – I’m Elisabeth, blogger and sewist at Stitching …

Infinity Dress Sewalong 6: Bandeau Top

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In the final part of the Infinity Dress Sewalong, we’ll sew the bandeau top. Gather your front and back bandeau top pieces, coordinating thread, pins, scissors, and of course sewing machine. A serger is optional. We’re using a contrast thread throughout this Infinity Dress Sewalong for visibility purposes, but we advise you to use coordinating thread for your dress. We’ll …