The Maternity Sewing Podcast Episode 5: Sewing for Dementia with Chuleenan Svetvilas of CSews

Sewing for Dementia with Chuleenan: Podcast Episode 5

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In Episode 5 of the Maternity Sewing Podcast, Erin talks with Chuleenan of CSews about sewing for people with Alzheimer’s and dementia and the simple but important things to consider when sewing for someone with dementia that can help both them and their caregiver. Podcast Player: Show Notes: You can find Maternity Sewing at Keep in touch with us …

How to Sew Nursing Pads (With Free Pattern)

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If you plan on nursing your new baby, you’ll soon find that nursing pads are a necessity. Leaks are inevitable, especially those first months as your flow is the strongest, and even before you give birth you can have some colostrum leaks already. Did you know your milk can start flowing as soon as you hear your baby cry? How …

Sewing & Body Image with Charlie of This Blog is Not for You on the Maternity Sewing Podcast: Episode 3

Sewing and Body Image with Charlie: Podcast Episode 3

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In Episode 3 of the Maternity Sewing Podcast, Erin talks with Charlie, M.Sc., a sewing blogger and psychologist, about a few of the ways sewing is good for your mental health, why it’s important to be selfish, and how sewing is a practice in mindfulness. Podcast Player: Show Notes: You can find Maternity Sewing at Keep in touch with …

Maternity Friendly Fringe Dress

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Hi Maternity Sewists! I’m Lara, the blogger behind Lara Handmade. When I was pregnant, I focused on sewing patterns that worked for both pregnancy and postpartum and ones that required no pattern adjustments because I’m a #lazysewist. However, I had one maternity dress in mind that required two small adjustments to make it maternity (and postpartum/nursing) friendly. I wanted a …

How to Create a Maternity Top or Dress with Elastic

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If you’ve seen or made a knit top or dress that isn’t drafted for maternity, you can easily turn it into maternity wear by adding some elastic to the side seam. The RTW dress I used here is not a maternity garment and it shows, pulling around my belly and creating excess fabric at the back. Although I can get …

How to Sew a Waistband Extender for Jeans - on Maternity Sewing

How to Sew a Waistband Extender for Jeans

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If you’re a jeans-all-day-every-day woman like me, the first thing that probably won’t fit you anymore after you get pregnant are your favorite jeans. With a first pregnancy you might be able to squeeze in for a good few weeks, but with following pregnancies you’ll grow out of them pretty early on. You’ve probably heard of the non-sewing method before …

All about Nursing Clips on

All About Nursing Clips

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Nursing clips (also known as nursing clasps or nursing bra clips) are an important little piece of hardware for sewing your own nursing wardrobe. They’re often used in nursing bras and nursing camisoles but can also be used for nursing tank-tops, nursing swimsuits, and nursing dresses. In this post we’ll explain how they work and what to look for when you …

Sew Pomona on Sewing Self-Confidence After Pregnancy

Sewing Self-Confidence After Pregnancy: Rebecca of Sew Pomona

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Through pregnancy and post-partum our bodies go through massive changes in size and shape, unfamiliar redistributions of weight, and are constantly changing. These changes can be disorienting and can cause even the most self-confident of women to feel alien in her body. Today on the Maternity Sewing blog we have Rebecca from Sew Pomona to talk about how she used …